CCTV System

Future-Proof Your Investment with Customized Video Surveillance Solutions, whether you need an enterprise-class video surveillance solution with thousands of cameras to improve safety throughout a city, or just a small system with a few cameras to help reduce liability or theft, our approach is the same: utilize today’s most innovative and proven technologies to meet your unique needs. Our state-of-the-art video surveillance systems are designed to future-proof your investment, deter crime, and keep your people and property secure.

The Latest Technology & Security Systems (TLTSS) offer a complete range of network video solutions — including cameras, video analytics, real-time monitoring, multi-location remote monitoring, and system applications — that reduce costs, ensure scalability, and simplify integration. Our experienced and certification-trained technical staff support, design, implement, install, and service many different manufacturers. We can confidently design, install, deploy, and commission a state-of-the-art, customized system to meet your needs.


  • Multicasting
  • Multistreaming
  • Mapping
  • Motion detection
  • Remote monitoring
  • Archive events
  • Playback & export
  • Search & find
  • External triggers for alarms
  • Network friendly
  • Pan / tilt / zoom control


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