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We take a collaborative approach with our customers to translate Concepts of Operation and Basis of Design documents into fully integrated installed solutions. Our team of designers works closely with customers to ensure that security design is incorporated into all aspects of the architectural design process. Infrastructure requirements are identified early on to ensure coordinated integration with other design elements to comply with critical risk-based & Local law regulations.

When it comes to design and installation, Our highly skilled consultants & our high qualified engineers have innovative approaches to security solutions by providing the most comprehensive and optimal solutions to YOU. We enhance the growth and portfolio of our partners by delivering Quality Solutions on schedule and with full integration and customized solutions for real world intelligent business solutions to deliver greater technologies for less money. The Latest Technology & Security Systems (TLTSS) is There for you®

Most systems integrators partner with big technology manufacturers and are competent installers. We differentiate ourselves by providing deep industry knowledge that will help you comply with critical risk-based & Local law regulations (ADMCC & SIRA). Our customers hire us for our technical competence and quality installation workmanship, but they value us just as much for our consulting and design advice.

From upgrading your existing hardware to integrating legacy systems into cloud-based support, we can help. The Latest Technology & Security Systems (TLTSS) is There for you®


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